Seattle Brewery Walking Tour

Seattle, WA

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During the Covid-19 crisis the breweries’ taprooms will not be open, but you can buy beer to go from many of them. Their schedules vary and it is hard to know which breweries will be open.

Cheers, I’m Tim, your beer guide and the owner of Seattle Brewery Walking Tours. I’ve been doing brewery walking tours in Ballard, Seattle’s brewing district, since 2016 but I’ve been enjoying the local craft beer here since 1984 when these two crazy guys, Paul Shipman, who worked at a local winery, and Gordon Bowker, co-founder of this local coffee roaster company… ahh… Starbucks, started brewing Redhook Ale in an old transmission shop just down the street. Since then Seattle has become the center of the micro brewing renaissance, and Ballard is the home of the highest concentration of craft brewers in the world. We are going to visit all the breweries in the neighborhood, plus some other breweries in town that are featured in our walking tours. You can walk to most of them, but you may need to get a lyft or an uber between neighborhoods. I mean, we can’t visit EVERY BREWERY, there are over 60 in Seattle and over 250 in the sounding towns. But we will visit as many as we can.
This tour will visit all the breweries, that we visit in our walking tour, plus some extras. The only difference is during the in person tour we taste beers at each location. We usually visit three breweries and conduct a guided tasting of four beers at each brewery. That is twelve tastings during the tour, that’s about three pints of beer.
On this tour you will be able to visit as many or as few breweries as you like. You can conduct your own tastings or just buy and enjoy a pint. Since the beers on tap are constantly changing it is really hard for me to give you a suggested flight for each brewery. But I know a lot about what they usually serve and I will make some suggestions. If you want, tell the taproom server that you are on a Seattle Brewery Walking Virtual Tour and Tim said to ask them what they suggest for a great flight.
Start the tour now. You can visit the breweries in any order you like. At the end of the tours you can get a discount code that will get you 15% off our regular in person tour. Enjoy yourself but please remember to drink locally, and drink responsibly.