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  • What do I need to complete a Junket?
  • For each stop in the Junket, you will need at least one photo (maximum if four), mp3 audio file (required), and address (not required for indoor locations). Video is optional.
  • What are your requirements for images?
  • What are your requirements for audio?
  • How do I submit a Junket for approval?
  • Can I charge for my Junkets?
  • How is payment handled, and when do I get paid?
  • How is payment calculated?
  • Can more than one people take a Junket?
  • What is an Adventure?
  • What are trophies and prizes?
  • What is a route?
  • How many points can a single Junket have?
  • Do junkets support video?
  • Can I provide links back to websites, or phone numbers within a Junket?
  • How much should I charge for a Junket?
  • What are the advantages of Junket?
  • After a user purchases a Junket, how long do they have to use it?
  • Can someone take a Junket or an adventure even if they are not physically present?
  • Can I use this in an area with no service or wifi?
  • What does it mean to subscribe to Junket?
  • Can I see the number of downloads in sales and other analytics for my Junket?
  • How long does it take to download a Junket?
  • Do I need to create an account to use Junket?
  • Are there Junkets I can take that are free?
  • How does Junket work?
  • Are Junket’s available of indoor locations?
  • Are all junkets walking?
  • Do Junkets give directions from point to point?
  • Can Junket be used internationally?
  • How do you handle liability for the Junkets?
  • Once the junket is started, can in be paused and finished later?
  • Can I upgrade my account?
  • Can I make a junket and try it out before submitting it for review and having it go live?
  • Does my junket have to appear on the Junket app?
  • Can my Junket be available from specific websites?
  • Is the Junket app free?
  • How do you control how many people use a Junket?
  • Is there an optimum number of locations?
  • Does a starting location matter, or can people pick and choose where to go in any order?
  • Common troubleshooting
  • Does junket support international currency?
  • What is background Audio?
  • Can I view and test my Junket before submitting it?
  • Does the App Give Walking Directions?
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