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What is a Junket experience?

A Junket Experience turns your phone into a tour guide. It will take you to each destination and deliver their stories using narrated audio, and providing sound, images, video, a path to follow (or not), and a list of all of the locations. There are hundreds of Junkets in over 50 cities across the world.

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Why should I use it?

Convenience. Enjoying the experience this way allows the guest to take the same experience on their own time, with whomever they want, and provides the flexibility to use it within seven days of purchase. So, if your plans don't work out due to bad weather - not a problem! Just take it another time within seven days of purchase. If a tour is unavailable at any time, it will be available 24/7 with Junket, and you can enjoy the experience at your own pace.

If you take it with a group, you can sync your audio together so you can listen at the same time.

How Junket Works


Group Sync


Earn Trophies & Points


Earn Trophies
Complete 80% of the stops in a Junket to earn a trophy, which can sometimes be used to redeem for a prize. You can view your trophy progress bar on the map screen. But we don't want to give them away easily! To earn points for a trophy, you must physically visit the location.

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Adventure Games


Junkets aren't only tours and experiences, but they can also be interactive, decision-based games, scavenger hunt, or mazes that places you into a narrative storyline. In an adventure, each stop will have you searching for clues from the storyline, photos, video, or area around you so you can make a decision on where to go next. Decisions may offer 2 to 4 choices or ask you to enter text. Every decision reveals a different path and destination including each adventure unique to each user based on their decisions.

You have to be at the location to make a decision for the adventure and earn points, but if you can't get close enough for any reason (usually construction or street closures), you can still override the distance warning and solve that stop to advance to the next location.

Adventures will be labeled.


Not all Junket experiences require you to be at a particular place! Junket's Adventure Everywhere allows you to select themed activities and games that you can take right where you are.