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Junket Dashboard: Business Management and Analytics

Junket for Business is an all-in one review management, business analytics, tour management, and notification system best for multi-location tour operators. We serve the tour experience and hospitality market. Our product was made by operators, for operators in tourism and hospitality.

Why Use Junket For Business?

We offer incredible savings and features in one place, serving over 60 tour operations serving over 100,000 retail customers annually. Here are the results we’re proud of:

Review Management

Our text and email review funnel increased positive reviews by over 400% and reduces negative reviews by more than half. Read and respond to all reviews in one place directly on our system, which supports TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google. Automatically generated weekly reports provide insight into all reviews.

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dashboard management

  • See demand for multiple tours and cities in a single place.
  • Send alerts to your back office staff when a tour guide is not assigned to a booking.
  • Send your tour guides text alerts automatically to remind them when they have a tour.
  • Receive capacity alerts when you are close to selling out so you can quickly assign more guides.
  • See total guest count across all of your locations and tours, and manage them with ease in one place.
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automated timesheets

Visibility to save time and simplify payroll for all tour guides.

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Business Analytics

See data on when your customers book and view trends over time to better understand their behavior

Financial Insights

Financial Insights of multiple properties aggregated or compared over time. Financial reporting takes into account payroll costs, google ads expenses, and refunds to showyour gross profit. You can also view your sales sources, including OTA and third party sales, to understand your share of revenue across different distribution channels.

Upsell your OTA customerst

Upsell your OTA customers easily and automatically with our follow-up system thatautomates communications with OTA guests.

Page Speed Insights

Best for multi-location businesses, page speed insights shows the mobile and desktop page speed for your sites.

Have a Gift Shop?

We integrate with your Square to get a complete picture of youroperation.

Google Ads

Aggregate google ads reporting in a single place. Great for businesses operating multiple ads accounts, this shows the results for campaigns in an easy to view dashboard.

More features coming soon!

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