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Hidden Hauntings: Bonito Lake - PhotoHidden Hauntings: Bonito Lake
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Bonito Lake was once Bonito City, back in 1885 when the city was filled with outlaws, murders, and massacre. Before it was demolished and hidden away with thousands of gallons of water, Bonito City was no stranger to bloody confrontations ...
Winchester’s Mystery House: Magnificence or Madness?
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Sarah Winchester’s 24,000-square-foot mansion is one of America’s most fascinating architectural feats — and one of the most haunted. Legend says the heiress was driven mad by the victims of “the gun that won the west.” Do those ...
Paranormal Road Trip: America’s Most Haunted Part 1
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WHY IS AMERICA SO HAUNTED? War. Murder. Tragedy. Scandal. Pure insanity. Ask why America is haunted, and those are probably some of the the answers you’ll get. The US has a stygian history, one that’s full of madmen, inflamed passion, ...
Williamsburg’s Most Haunted
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Williamsburg is one of the oldest cities in Virginia and the country. With its roots running deep into centuries passed, the city went from a small colonial town to the bustling historic city we see today. To some, Williamsburg might be jus...
Savannah and its History of Hauntings
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When one thinks of Savannah, what is often conjured in the mind is horse-drawn carriages clomping along brick roads passing intricate antebellum architecture, sultry summer vacation days drifting idly by like a kite carried in the Southern ...
Gettysburg: The Generals and The Villains
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The Civil War was a divisive time in the history of the United States. It was fought over economic philosophies and the rights of states. Nothing was clear in this war and because of this political ambiguity this war literally pitted brothe...
America’s Haunted Hospitals and Asylums
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An old Victorian decrepit cemetery, a dingy, barely habitable house in the outskirts of town with the reclusive hermit, and the ever attention-grabbing - lightning dragging, stormy night wrestling, moan infested - mental hospital. In the gh...