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The Junket app transforms your surroundings into location-based adventure games and tours at your fingertips.

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What is a Junket experience?

A Junket experience turns your phone into a tour guide. It will take you to each destination and deliver their stories using narrated audio, and providing sound, images, video, a path to follow (or not), and a list of all of the locations. There are hundreds of Junkets in over 50 cities across the world.

Why should I use it?

Convenience. Enjoying the experience this way allows the guest to take the same experience on their own time, with whomever they want, and provides the flexibility to use it within seven days of purchase. So, if your plans don't work out due to bad weather - not a problem! Just take it another time within seven days of purchase. If a tour is unavailable at any time, it will be available 24/7 with Junket, and you can enjoy the experience at your own pace.

If you take it with a group, you can sync your audio together so you can listen at the same time.

Find all the Junkets on the App Marketplace

Tremble at over 25 frightening ghost tours, retrace the steps of Jack the Ripper in London (or track him down as a member of Scotland Yard!), visit filming locations of your favorite movies and TV shows, enjoy a savory food tour, or a bar crawl made by locals.

See all the Junkets available now, more are coming online every day.


Available to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

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  • Play decision based outdoor escape games in teams with your friends, or solo. Earn points and trouphies for completing adventures the fastest.
  • Compare your progress on the global leaderboard. Adventures can be paired to your location outside your home - no need to travel!
  • The perfect travel companion, Junket also turns your device into your personal private tour guide, providing themed experiences featuring narration, directions, images, text, and video.
  • Enjoy hundreds of experiences created by locals in over 50 cities. Location based or location free.
  • Your toy, your way. With Junket, you'll never have to worry about rushing to make your tour time, bad weather, disruptive guests, sub-part tour guides, or sold out experiences.
  • Take your experiences when you want, at your own pace and leisure, with whom you want, and where you want - Junkets are designed to be taken on location, but can be enjoyed from home! Junket is the perfect solution to augment your travel experience.

How Junket Works

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Purchase & Redemption

Junkets can be purchased online, or directly through the app. If you made your purchase through a website using a booking button, you will be sent a confirmation email from noreply@wejunket.com. This email will include purchase redemption instructions.

Step 1

Download the app on IOS (apple devices) or android and login for free using your Apple/Google ID, facebook, or email.

Get Junket On Google Play Get Junket on the App Store

Step 2


Once you have signed into the Junket App, press one of the launch buttons in the email. This will start your experience. Each person in your group will be provided with a launch button, so that you each can use it from your own devices if you do not want to share. You can only use each Launch Button once, and within seven days of purchase. To share unused launch buttons with the rest of your groups, simply forward the email to them once they have downloaded the app and signed in.

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Step 2

Using The App

The app will display a map with directions, and may a line showing the recommended path. You may not need to go in any particular order. When you arrive near a location, the audio will automatically begin playing. If you would like to read the text or look at images and video, you may do so. you can control and pause the audio, and peruse through all of the stops whenever and wherever you are. Want to stop in for coffee and lunch and resume later? you can do that, too. Some Junkets even have background music, which enhances the experience. For example,. adding eerie music to a ghost tour makes for a more enchanting tour.

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Step 1
Take the tutorial or find a Junket!

The optional tutorial will walk you through how to use the app - it's fast and easy.

View a list of Junkets closest to you, search or browse Junkets around the world, or take an adventure! Some Junkets are free, and others require a purchase.

Press 'Begin Junket' to start, to take a preview before purchasing, or to redeem a code if already purchased. Buy tokens or redeem gifted tokens to access paid Junkets. Once you buy a Junket, you have seven days to take it. Adventures will expire after they are completed.

Step 2
Begin your fun!

The app will guide you to each location along the tour, providing directions. Once you arrive at a location, the narration will begin.

You can keep the device in your pocket, or take it out to navigate through text, audio, photos, and video. You can also view a list of stops, or search for them by name.

Junket comes in two types


Virutal Augmented Experiences

  • Tours at your fingertips! Walk alongside expert narrators at your pace, skip ahead or dive deeper through video, audio, and images triggered by GPS.
  • Experience ghost tours accross the world. Go behind the scenes on movie and TV locations. Take literature, food and gourmet tours. Get insider info from brewing and distilling experts.
  • Reveal the layers behind your city, or a city accross the world. Earn points by visiting locations and win prizes from vendors, groups, or local organizations.
  • See free and paid Junkets around you, or around the world in the Marketplace. Enjoy hundreds of experiences created by locals in over 50 cities. Location based or location free.
  • Junket Virutal Augmented Experiences give you the tour you want in the way you want.
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Phone Mockups

Adventure Junkets

  • Adventures are tagged in the marketplace and are a little bit different! From the same starting location you will first see a clue, then you must make a decision to reveal your next steps. It's a real world, choose your own adventures, escape room fun fest!
  • Decisions may be multiple choice or fill in the blanket (for example, enter the codeword given by the hotel concierge, or write the numbers etched into a brick on the wall).
  • Once you make a decision, the route to your next challenge is revealed!
  • Everyone has the same start and ending, see who gets there first.
  • Once you reach the end you will be shown your points and trophy, if you earned one. See if your trophy can be redeemed for real world prizes!


Group Sync


Other Things You Can Do With Junket


Earn Trophies & Points

Adventure Games

Adventure Icon

Junkets aren't only tours and experiences, but they can also be interactive, decision-based games, scavenger hunt, or mazes that will place you into a narrative storyline. In an adventures, each stop will have you searching for clues from the storyline, photos, video, or area around you so you can make a decision on where to go next. Decisions may offer 2 to 4 choices or ask you to enter text. Every decision reveals a different path and destination including each adventures unique to each user based on their decision.

You have to be at the location to make a decision for the adventures and earn points, but if you can't get close enough for any reason (usually construction or street closures), you can still override the distance warning and solve that stop to advance to the next location.

Adventures will be labeled.

Share and invite your friends
Review and rate your Junket
Take Junkets alone, or with friends
Sync your phones to experience Junkets together
Junkets can be available in any language

Where do you want to go next?


We hope you'll invite your friends and family to join you on a Junket. Whether it's to solve a mystery together or to compete in teams on an adventure, or to experience virutally augmented tours at home or when traveling.

The Junket creative platform is also free and available for anyone to create their own Junket. WE hope you'll join us and create a great adventure to share on the Junket platform.

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