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Atlanta By Junket

Did you know Atlanta has over 70 streets named Peachtree? Or that it is the home of the largest and busiest drive-through in the world? Or that it was once illegal here to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays?

A rich tapestry of stories is waiting to be unveiled- tales of troubles, tragedy, and triumph that shaped Atlanta into the influential metropolis it is today.

Walk the Paths of Freedom... and Fear

We welcome you to join our Junket Atlanta Experience to learn more about the Empire City, and its inspiring stories and hidden gems.

Our entertaining and knowledgeable guides are ready to introduce you to Atlanta's most iconic sights. Choose from one of our popular tours:

Get yourself a sweet tea and join us and we explore the Gateway to the South.

Atlanta History Image

Atlanta History

Gateway to the South

Atlanta, Georgia, is the city that grew out of the fires of war to become the Empire Cityof the South. From its humble beginnings as a railroad terminus, through its development as a major manufacturing center, to its role today as an international traffic hub, Atlanta is ever expanding and always reinventing itself.

An American Success Story

Home to the busiest airport in the world, and one of the most visited cities in the country, Atlanta owes its existence to the railroad industry. It was founded on what was once the territory of the Creek and Cherokee nations to serve as a hub for the major railroads of the 19th century, becoming known as the gateway to the South.  Most of the city’s buildings and assets were destroyed by fire during Sherman’s March to the Sea campaign in 1864, but Atlanta would grow from devastation to become a manufacturing center, the Southern headquarters of global businesses and filmmaking, and the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement.

Rising Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

Post-war Atlanta saw immense growth, and the introduction of streetcars and freeways provided opportunities for Atlanta neighborhoods to spread into surrounding areas. The city remained a major transportation hub,and progress would see the advent of many international companies taking root in Atlanta.

A modern metroplex with a progressive vibe, Atlanta still retains the charm and hospitality of a Southern city proud of its heritage

Atlanta Today Photo
Atlanta Today Photo
Atlanta Today Photo

Atlanta Today

Bright With Passion and Promise

The spirit of Atlanta survived the flames, and the revitalization of its declining downtown neighborhoods has drawn tourists and new residents from all over the world. Several home museums and historic sites mark areas of importance and celebrate the lives of those who put Atlanta on the map.

"Atlanta? I think it's the greatest city anywhere I know of." 

- Ivan Allen, Jr.

With no natural boundaries to control development, Atlanta seems more like a region than a city, but one that is undeniably lush and charismatic. Its rolling hills and dense tree coverage makes it one most highly forested cities in the country. Accented with almost 100,000 shade trees made up magnificent oaks, dogwoods, magnolias, and Southern pines, the nation's ninth largest metropolis is a haven for over 300 parks, nature preserves, gardens, and green spaces. 

Variety is what makes Atlanta's cultural impact special, with no shortage of options available in this city that loves to entertain. From big-ticket attractions to high-end shopping and every king of entertainment, restaurant and gathering spot in between, Atlanta's social scene is a busy and colorful as the city itself.

The Best of Atlanta

This small but vibrant city is packed with attractions ranging from museums to breweries to art galleries, and much more. Here are a few of the best spots in the city: 

  • World of Coca Cola: One of Georgia's largest attractions explores the creation and popularity of the iconic fizzy drink.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park: This collection of museums, monuments, archives, and more pays homage to the Civil Rights leader and Atlanta's role in the movement.
  • Mary Mac's Tea Room: This downtown restaurant has been the most popular spot for classic Southern cooking since 1945.
  • High Museum of Art: With some of the most famous works in the world, it is one of the elite art destinations in the South.
  • Zoo Atlanta: One of Atlanta's oldest cultural attractions and only one of four places in the world to see live pandas.



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