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Boston Ghosts Tour - Photo

Location Marker Boston, MA
Boston Ghosts Tour
From $25 / person

Boston Boos & Brews Haunted Pub Crawl - Photo

Location Marker Boston, MA
Boston Boos & Brews Haunted Pub Crawl
From $30 / person

Blazing the Boston Freedom Trail Tour - Photo

Location Marker Boston, MA
Blazing the Boston Freedom Trail Tour
From $25 / person

In Cold Blood: Boston True Crime Experience - Photo

Location Marker Boston, MA
In Cold Blood: Boston True Crime Experience
From $25 / person


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Boston by Junket Photo
Boston by Junket Photo
Boston by Junket Photo

Things To Do in Boston:  By JUNKET

Did you know that America's first subway was built in Boston in 1897. 

Join us in our Junket Boston Experience and get a more in-depth, more secretive, behind-the-scenes look at this great city. It is simple to understand why Boston is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the nation. It's among the most popular tourist attractions on the East Coast due to the stunning architecture, fascinating culture, illustrious history, and exquisite food. Do you desire to understand more about this bustling metropolis? Come join us on one of our amazing tours. 

Hit the Historic and Hoppin' Hotspots

Tag along (and try to keep up!) as we take you on one of our fantastic tours, we have the classics - The American Revolution Tour and the iconic Boston Haunted Pub Crawl. Local experts will also detail and walk you through some of this nation’s modern headlines, unsung heroes, and secret local hotspots, including-- influential "Wonder Women Tour" of Boston history, True Crime Investigations Tour (from the roaring 20's to 2020s), and the best Ghost Tours about Boston's dark history in and around downtown Beantown's nightlife that will make the Boston Tea Party look like afternoon tea with Auntie Anne.

Be part of a historic community and have some unforgettable fun, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our professional tour guides make you the main character of every story. Choose from any one of our tour experiences: 

  • The Freedom Trail History Tour

  • Boston True Crime Investigative Tour
  • Get a chill and scare on Boston Ghosts Tour

  • Wonder Women of Boston Female History Experience

  • Boston Booze and Boo's Haunted Pub Crawl


There's a Junket for everyone -- What Will Your Adventure Be?

Boston History Image

Boston History

The Story of American History From Its Birth

Boston plays a central role in the story of America. A region swamped in lore, facts, and intrigue. One of the most historically significant cities in the country, Boston has history around every corner. Boston, Massachusetts, is frequently referred to be the birthplace of the American Revolution. It was founded in 1630 by English Puritans who had emigrated to the new world in search of religious freedom. Here, under the leadership of Samuel Adams, and the Sons of Liberty inspired the colonists to rebel against the dominance of British Rule. 

Anti-British animosity peaked with the 1770 Boston Massacre, in which British forces opened fire on a crowd of colonists, killing five of them. The Sons of Liberty organized the Boston Tea Party and dumped over 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor when the 1773 Tea Act imposed duties on imported tea. Paul Revere's ride, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and many other significant Revolutionary War events took place in or close to Boston. When the British withdrew from Boston in 1776, the Siege of Boston came to a conclusion, and the population rejoiced.

The Rise of a People:  A Colonial Epicenter of American Progress

Boston quickly rose as a regional hub — a powerhouse for commerce, finance, religion, science, and education.

The colonial era saw many changes. Boston became a beacon of conspiracies, as courts and crowns battled it out and expansion and innovation superseded religious dogma and worship. Stories of abrupt transformation, ferocious conflict, agonizing exploitation, but also inspiring struggles for liberation. There are numerous definitions and concepts of freedom, not simply one single "freedom." The writings and stories about Boston learned in school are but a sample of the tales of the social, industrial, and environmental revolutions that took place in this magnificent colonial city. 

The Flames of Liberty Are Lit

“No taxation without Representation!”

The battle cry that ignited our country occurred on these streets. Between 1765 and 1775 The American Revolutionary War seized the 13 colonies and Boston not only had an active part in it but quite possibly a decisive one. Boston is the city that impassioned the rebels and created the Sons of liberty. It is where the Boston Massacre took place. Where the Boston Tea Party was enacted — becoming a pivotal part of our history. The history of Boston is the history of our nation.

Massachusetts, the birthplace of William Lloyd Garrison and a longtime core of the abolitionist movement, became the first state in America to outlaw slavery in the 18th century, as Boston continued to grow. Irish immigrants came to Boston in massive numbers as a result of the Potato Famine. Later, Chinese, Italian, and other nationalities joined them. The first Boston Marathon took place in 1897.

Samuel Prescott, Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Adams — And dozens more –  all called Boston “home.”.

Boston Today Photo
Boston Today Photo
Boston Today Photo

Boston Today

A City Alive with a Beating Heart of History, Adventure, and Fun

Today, Boston is a booming town. A place of commerce, of culture, and one where history is kept alive. Boston is well-known for its lobster rolls, craft Breweries, and sailing on the Charles River.  This cosmopolitan city is recognized as one of the most walkable cities in the United States and has been the home of the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park since 1912. It's simple to enjoy everything this seaside city has to offer because Boston has so many lovely parks and green areas. The North End, the city's "Little Italy," has a broad choice of Italian restaurants. There are numerous options for water activities along the Charles River, as well as open spaces where you may bike, jog, or have a picnic. Boston has a diverse dining culture that includes cuisine from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. It's not all craft beer and lobster rolls, either. Boston undoubtedly has enough to offer any traveler. Beantown will keep you entertained whether you enjoy Boston baked beans, artisan beer, seafood, history, or parks.

“We are Boston. We are America. We respond. We endure. We overcome. And we own the finish line.” 

– President Joe Biden

Boston is a thriving community — one with a history in biotech industries, and the highest average rate of philanthropy, per house in the United States.

A place that values its grassroots, Boston is ranked among the top in the country for environmental sustainability and investment. With its vibrant history, its cultural significance, and its interminable entertainment pavilions and offers, Boston is a sight to behold. A must on every traveler’s bucket list.

The capital city of Massachusetts has been hailed by some of this nation's most famous minds for hundreds of years, from writers and poets to celebrities and professional athletes to adventurers and entrepreneurs. Currently, the legacy of Boston continues to be immortalized through its citizens and its visitors.

Iconic and Unforgettable Boston:  

By now, you know you have to visit this beautiful, historic, and exciting city or at the least, add some of the most iconic and popular hotspots to your bucket list. Here's what locals and visitors think should top your list:

  • The Boston Freedom Trail: Walking in the Footsteps of the Founding Fathers

  • Boston Common: Lush, Vibrant, and Spacious Park and Public Hangout

  • Omni Hotel: The historic, gorgeous, and preferred lodging place of commonplace visitors and the well-to-do

  • Edgar Allen Poe Square: Visit the the Boston square honoring the nearby-born gloomy poet.

  • Quincy Market: Along Boston's renowned Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, also known as Quincy Market, has over 100 shops, artisan pushcarts, restaurants, and pubs.

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