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Queen City Ghosts: Charlotte's Most Haunted Tour - Photo

Location Marker Charlotte, NC
Queen City Ghosts: Charlotte's Most Haunted Tour
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Charlotte by Junket Photo
Charlotte by Junket Photo
Charlotte by Junket Photo

Charlotte By Junket

Did you know Charlotte was the location of the country's first gold rush? Or that legend says city leaders were the first to declare themselves independent of British rule- over a year before the rest of the American colonies? Or that it is the pimento cheese capital of the world?

As one of the oldest colonial cities in the nation, Charlotte has seen its share of tragedy, triumph, wins, and losses. Lovers of history with a side of the macabre will enjoy exploring the fascinating sites of the Queen City.

Uptown Unexplained

We invite you to join our Junket Charlotte Experience and learn more about this modern Southern city and how it has shaped the couse of our nation.

Discover Charlotte like a local, with our team of professional guides, historians, and storytellers on one of our entertaining tours:

Join us for an elevated city experience like no other and feel at home in Charlotte. 





Charlotte History Image

Charlottesville History


A Presidential Heritage

The area around Charlottesville had long been inhabited by the Monacan Indian tribe until the 1730s when the first permanent settlement was created on the banks of the Rivanna River.

In 1762, the burgeoning community was named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the queen consort of King George III, and established itself as a tobacco-trading point along the Blue Ridge, becoming an important crossroads town during colonial times.

Charlottesville grew into the cultural and commercial center of the area, which produced national leaders whose lives contributed richly to the newly-formed nation. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe would go on to lead America as presidents, while George Rogers Clark and Meriwether Lewis would become renowned skilled explorers who opened the American West.


Center of Higher Learning

In 1819, Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, used his influence to have the state donate land and founded the University of Virginia on the outskirts of the city in a quest to reinvent higher education in America.

His lavish and stately home Monticello, just outside of town, as well as the Academical Village he designed for the university, stand as examples of his architectural genius.

The university grew into one of the most prestigious public colleges in the country, and although it had been constructed outside of town in keeping with Jefferson’s focus on the importance of an agrarian society, business prosperity, and city growth eventually brought it within the city limits, cementing the university’s role as the center of the community.

The arrival of the railroad changed the city forever.

In the 1850s, the first coal train transformed Charlottesville into one of Virginia’s biggest transportation hubs. Despite its role in support of the Confederacy, Charlottesville emerged from the Civil War largely unscathed, and the textile and agricultural industries flourished, with the city becoming nationally known for its woolens and wines.

The city’s close ties to Thomas Jefferson appealed to travelers worldwide, and a strong tourism economy developed, turning Charlottesville into a top destination during the early years of the travel industry.

I am as happy no where else and in no other society.” – Thomas Jefferson 

What was once a humble tobacco trading post has developed into a vibrant community that combines the historic charm of an 18th-century village with the hustle and bustle of a busy college town.

Charlotte Today Photo
Charlotte Today Photo
Charlotte Today Photo

Charlotte Today

There's Quite A Lot in Charlotte

A relentlessly forward-facing city, Charlotte offers a curated selection of historical buildings and an abundance of unique and fulfilling experiences. Art, sportsmanship, legacy, technology, faith, perserverance- the attractions in Charlotte celebrate the greatest traits and contributions of its residents. 

"Charlotte is a city with both feet planted firmly in the New South, with the emphasis on the 'new'!"

- Harry Hoover

With a diverse selection of food and drink, and a range of entertaining activities to offer, Charlotte shines as a city with something for everyone- spanning the entire gamut of interests and tastes. 

A visit to the Queen City any time of the year will offer a social gathering, whether the focus is music, food, history, art, and more- there is always a reason to come together in Charlotte.

Best of Charlotte

From high-speed adventure to leisurely outings, Charlotte has something for everyone. Here are some attractions that shouldn't be missed:

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame: This state-of-the-art museum honors the history and heritage of the fast-paced sport.
  • Mint Museum: The oldest art museum in North Carolina is housed in a former United States Mint building.
  • Little Mama's: This landmark restaurant offers classic Italian-American cuisine that honors a bygone era in food appreciation.
  • Paramount's Carowinds Amusement Park: This park is called the "Thrill Capital of the Southeast" for its high-speed roller coasters.
  • Ghost Tour: A colonial city with a long and colorful history, Charlotte has its share of spookier sites to explore on a guided tour.

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