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Location Marker Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Ghost Tour
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Cincinnati by Junket Photo

Cincinnati by Junket

Did you know Cincinnati has the largest ginko tree in Ohio? Or that it is home to the world's only ventrioloquism museum? Or that it is populated with an unusual species of lizards from Italy?

A colorful past is waiting to be discovered- tales of troubles, tragedy, and triumph that shaped Cincinnati into the charismatic city it is today.

Feel the Chill of the Charming Streets

We welcome you to join our Junket Cincinnati Experience to learn more about the historic landmarks and hidden gems that made the Queen City one of the most popular tourist destinations in the West.

Our entertaining and knowledgeable guides are ready to introduce you to Cincinnati's most fascinating places and stories. Choose from one of our exciting tours:

The Queen City of the West is waiting for you to experience it like never before. 

Cincinnati History Image

Cincinnati History

Queen City of the West

The city of Cincinnati sits on the state line between Ohio and Kentucky, at the junction of the Licking and Ohio Rivers. First settled in 1788, the future "Queen City" that would hold fascination for writers like Charles Dickens and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow began its existence as a boomtown, quickly growing in population and prosperity. 

An Ancient Roman Pedigree

The Cincinnati area was home to the Shawnee people, before three small settlements of German, English, and Scottish immigrants north of the Ohio River grew together to form a bustling town. In 1790, it would be named in honor of the ancient Roman statesment Lucius Cincinnatus, whose ethics included self-sacrifice, civic duty, integrity, and patriotic loyalty, virtues that were attractive to post-Revolutionary War Patriots.

Cincinnati emerged as a port city as many businesses were created to cater to west-bound travelers on the Ohio River. It was formally recognized in 1819, eventually growing into a major commerce center and the most populated, and profitable, city in the United States for a time.

A Stop on the Railroad

With close ties to the South, Cincinnati was a city of torn loyalties when the Civil War broke our, but as the home of prominent abolitionists and an important station on the Underground Railroad, the city remained in the Union. 

The post-war economy flourished as rail connections to the South were revived and new trade markets in the North were established. Cincinnati thrived as "The Queen City" due to the steamboat and pork processing industries. Although the city suffered its share of economic downturn like many of the country's Rust Belt cities in later years, it remains a national transportation hub as well as one of the largest inland coal ports.

Cincinnati Today Photo
Cincinnati Today Photo
Cincinnati Today Photo

Cincinnati Today

An Exciting City Fit For A Queen

Like the blending of cultures that settled the city, Cincinnati offers a wide range of alluring activities and is coming into its own as a premier tourist destination. A bustling metropolis with midwestern friendliness, the Queen City is home to a variety of historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and enticing outdoor spaces.

"Cincinnati is a beautiful city, cheerful, thriving, and animated. I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favorably and pleasantly to a stranger at the first glance as this does."

- Charles Dickens

A true four-season city, Cincinnati offers a full calendar of fun festivals and exciting events all year long. Baseball games, waterfront dining, and river excursions make warm weather inviting, while live music events and marathons take place in the spring and fall seasons. Cold months bring ice skating and a celebration of holiday festivities throughout the city.

With several distinct neighborhoods, each with their own vibe and cultural attractions, there is no shortage of fun to be had in the Queen City.

The Best of Cincinnati

This riverfront city is brimming with attractions ranging from museums to art exhibits, breweries to baseball games, and so much more. Here are a few of the best places to visit in Cincinnati:

  • American Sign Museum: One of the city's most popular attractions takes visitors through five decades of the sign-making industry.
  • Smale Riverfront Park: This 45-acre greenspace joins downtown Cincinnati to the Ohio River and offers a variety of eateries, walking trails, and attractions.
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: This three-building complex shares exhibits detailing the rise and fall of America's slave trade.
  • Findlay Market: Shop from over 50 local vendors at Ohio's oldest continuously-operating public market.
  • Cincinnati Zoo: The second-oldest zoo in the country, this historic landmark has over 600 animal species in its care. 

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