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Honolulu Haunts and Hauntings Ghost Tour	 - Photo

Location Marker Honolulu, HI
Honolulu Haunts and Hauntings Ghost Tour
From $25 / person

Island of the Gods: Stories of Wao Wanaka - Photo

Location Marker Honolulu, HI
Island of the Gods: Stories of Wao Wanaka
From $25 / person
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Honolulu by Junket Photo


Did you know Honolulu is the birthplace of modern-day surfing? Or that it is the only U.S. state with an official language? Or that it is illegal to annoy a bird here?

Once the playground of Hawaiian royalty, Honolulu is a sophisticated, multicultural city with the ambiance of a remote tropical paradise. Located on the state's most famous island of Oahu. Hawaii's cosmopolitan capital city offers visitors a blend of calming ocean waters and bustling cultural experiences, where warm island breezes waft simultaneously over modern skyscrapers and ancient volcanoes. 

Shaking Up The Sheltered Bay

Although you may know every word of the Elvis classic Blue Hawaii, there is more to Honolulu than surfing, grass skirts, and luaus. From ancient landmarks like Oahu's Koko Crater to touching patriotic sites that commemorate a day when history was forever changed. The island paradise of lush waterfalls and scenic valleys that Honolulu beckons you to explore its cultural mix of ancient legacy and modern amenities. Experience the last vestiges of Hawaiian at the breathtaking Iolani Palace or admire the splendor of the 18-foot statue of Hawaii's King Kamehameha

With your pink umbrella in hand, feel the stress of daily life fall away to relaxation at this contemporary island paradise, where you can soak in the sun and you gaze at the gentle turquoise waves lapping at the extraordinary white sands of Kailua Beach or enjoy snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. Indulge in some retail therapy at the popular Ala Moana Center, the world's largest open-air shopping center in the entire world. Explore the diversity of flowers and plants native to the islands at the Honolulu Botanical Gardens or delve into the delights of the city's buzzing entertainment district to enjoy its stunning street art, unique shopping opportunities, and authentic Hawaiian cuisine. 

Honolulu After Dark

When the setting sun casts a sparkling orange glow across the gently rolling waves, it's time to experience Honolulu's exuberant nightlife. Experience an authentic Hawaiian meal with a traditional luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center or dance the night away at The District. This is also the perfect time to enjoy Honolulu by Junket nighttime premium experiences! This collection of unique tours creates a nightlife full of thrills and chills for island visitors. Your special evening will fill with wonder as we take you on a one-of-a-kind journey through Honolulu's ancient ghost lore and haunted locations, impressive cultural scenes, and the history and mysteries surrounding Oahu's premiere city. 

Explore the rich history and traditions of native Hawaiian culture and timeless architecture on the Island of Gods: Exploring Hawaii's Rich History and Culture Tour, where the city's historical buildings stand as testaments to the magnificence of the island's legacy.

Join expert local guides as they introduce you to the ghosts and ghouls of the Sheltered By on the celebrated Honolulu Haunts tour. This unforgettable tour introduces you to a chilling collection of the most haunted locations on the island where you will:

Honolulu History Image

Honolulu History

The first ancestors of today’s Hawaiians were part of a great Polynesian migration that settled on a series of islands that stretched between Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island. Sailing from Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands sometime around 500 A.D., these first settlers sailed north to Hawaii, which they called “the land of raging fire.”

These settlers established a new culture that proclaimed each island a separate kingdom, and the inhabitants traded sailing for fishing and farming. They built temples and established plantations from which they harvested native foods such as taro, breadfruit, and yams.

Fair Harbor

In 1778, British explorer Captain James Cook sailed into Waimea Bay on Kauai, where the population, who had never seen a person with white skin, welcomed him as a god. Sailing across uncharted waters in search of the fabled Northwest Passage that was said to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Cook stumbled upon the Hawaiian Islands by chance and named them the Sandwich Islands, in honor of the Earl of Sandwich, who had bankrolled the expedition.

After an unsuccessful attempt to locate the Northwest Passage, Cook returned to the Big Island where he would ultimately be killed in a fight, a “fatal catastrophe” that would see the British sailors returning to their homeland. Hawaii was now on the sea charts and would become a stopping point for traders on the fur route between Canada and China.

By the late eighteenth century, powerful Hawaiian rulers battled for control of the islands. King Kamehameha’s forces were triumphant, uniting the islands under his kingdom and Honolulu was proclaimed the capital city.   

Little more than a collection of small huts near the water during the time of Kamehameha’s invasion, Honolulu’s deep harbor became known to European shipping merchants as the ideal place to set anchor and as more ships came, the town began to grow.

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