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What Is A Junket Adventure?

Junket adventures place users in a narrative that requires them to make choices.

There is a single start point and end location. In between the start and end location are decision points. Decision points are places, or points of interest (POIs) that require the user to make a decision. Each decision takes the user along a different path.

Decisions consist of two options:

  1. Multiple Choice: User selects between 2 and 4 options
  2. Fill in the Blank: User must type in specific numbers or letters (they must figure this out, don't give them the answer)

Adventures should:

  • Have between 18 and 30 stops
  • Last 1hr, but no more than 90 minutes, including time to walk and listen
  • The final point does not involve decision making. It ends the Adventure
  • Stops may be used more than once. Make sure there is a logical progression

You will want to create two items:

  • A logic map with numbers corresponding to the stops in your story. Breaking it down logically and writing the stories around the logic is a great approach.
  • A document with the content for each of the stops. Each stop must have an image and / or a video associated with it.

Decision: Fill in

Question: why did the chicken cross the road?
Answer: to get to the other side
Response: Well done, Dr. Watson. Now, we’ve found a new clue. Lets head to the chicken coup to interview his family.

Decision: Choices

Stop 8: The Washington Monument
Prompt: You arrive to the monument, searching for the informant's clue. You find a thumb drive taped under the bench, but you also discover a strand of hair on the tape. You keep a close eye on the shady looking man who has been following you when suddenly, you find another person who was watching you across the way run off. What do you do?


  1. Take the thumb drive to the office and see what's on it
  2. Take the strand of hair to forensics to see if any matches come up
  3. Confront the man in the trench coat who has been following you since the Treasury Building
  4. Run after the person who was spying on you across the way

Connection Points:

  1. Stop 12, Smithsonian
  2. Stop 9, US Holocaust Museum
  3. Stop 10, across street from WW II Memorial
  4. Stop 17, International Spy Museum

Junket Adventure Map

The following is an example of a logic tree for decisions based adventures on Junket. Arrow lines are for demonstration purposes only, and show that a single point may be used more than once.

Adventure Map

Total Points: 18
Most Decisions: 16
Least Decisions: 6

SP: Shortest Path
MD: Most Decisions
FN: Funnel
TP: Total Points
LD: Least Decisions