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Miami Haunts of South Beach Ghost Tour	 - Photo

Location Marker Miami, FL
Miami Haunts of South Beach Ghost Tour
From $25 / person

Miami Booze and Boos Haunted Pub Crawl - Photo

Location Marker Miami, FL
Miami Booze and Boos Haunted Pub Crawl
From $35 / person

Sabor Cubano: A Little Havana Food Expedition - Photo

Location Marker Miami, FL
Sabor Cubano: A Little Havana Food Expedition
From $70 / person

Miami Wynwood District American Brew Tour - Photo

Location Marker Miami, FL
Miami Wynwood District American Brew Tour
From $70 / person


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Miami by Junket Photo

Miami By Junket

Did you know that Miami was ground zero for one of the nation's biggest manhunts? Yes, the hunt for the assassin of legendary fashion icon, Gianni Versace. You can visit the spot where the man was gunned down, and take a trip to the apartment building where his killer held off police and finally took his own life.

Join us in our Junket Miami Experience and get a more in-depth, fun, behind-the-scenes look at this great city. Learn about Miami history beyond the Everglades and the history of Biscayne Boulevard. Understand why it has such a fascinating narrative, and why even Miami residents still haven't heard the complete story. From world-class restaurants to awe-inspiring architecture, Miami has it all.

Hit South Beach, or Little Havana, and Marvel At All Its Tales

Tag along (and try to keep up!) as we take you on a strange ride that not only gives you the classics- the Art Deco district and its legendary photo-ops- but springboards you into tales of mayhem, murder, betrayal, mob hits and lust few residents know of. Local experts will also detail and walk you through some of this nation's modern headlines, unsung heroes, and secret local hotspots, including the ghastly tales of some of Miami's darkest horror stories. Be part of a historic community and have some unforgettable fun, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our professional tour guides make you the main character of every story. Choose from any one of our tour experiences:

There's a Junket for everyone - pick yours. 

Miami History Image

Miami History

America's Final Frontier

Miami- for that matter most of modern, urbanized Florida- is relatively new. A region that took eons to form, brimming with life. The Everglades, the majesty of the Gulf Stream- yet still unaccustomed to human inhabitants. Miami, for its relatively young age, has seen it alll. It's like a rebellious teenager trying to compensate for coming to the party late and deciding to make up for lost time by drinking all the spiked punch in one shot. The city was founded by Julia Tuttle- one of the few back in that era spearheaded by a woman. It was later sprung open by Henry Flagler, who decided to stretch his northern railway all the way to its azure coast. And, since that day, since the day the coast was "inaugurated" and made into a premier holiday destination, the place has become an icon. A region where starlets and movie stars strut around, where mobsters conduct business, where Narcos smuggle in their goods. Miami has had many faces, but all of them have something in common, tatooed onto their eyes, you can see a dollar sign. Miami is a financial powerhouse, with more international banks than anywhere else. It is a city with a glint in its eyes, always on the move, always attracting tourists, business dealings, and the most powerful people in the world. It grew from an orange field, to one of the nation's most iconic and financially powerful cities.

Miami- The Neon Titan

Today, Miami is a huge city. Sprawling with hundreds of neighborhoods, each one with their one-of-a-kind identity; from Little Haiti, to Little Havana, to the Financial District, all the way through the radical arts district known as Wynnwood. It is a huge city with over 2,000 hyears of human habitation and dozens of migrations. A city that has seen its fair share of troubles, tragedies, calamities, and headlines. Currently, Miami is one of the nation's most iconic and celebrated towns. A place where you come to be seen, to be adored, to be photographed, to make a splash.

From hurricanes, to failed land booms, to the Great Depression, all the way to the Narco Wars, Miami is a city full of life, brimming with stories, bursting at the seams.

"A young city, Miami lacks the history, the roots, and the traditions of other major metropolitan areas. Everybody here is from somewhere else."

- unknown

/Hundreds of changes have overtaken Miami during its years. Some for the better, some for the worse, still, it is a city always transforming, mutating, rising up and coming together. A city at the forefront of today's fad, and tomorrow's trend. 

No other city in the nation is as future-proof as Miami.


Miami Today Photo
Miami Today Photo
Miami Today Photo

Miami Today

A City That Never Rests, and is Always Looking For Something New and Fashionable to Wear

Today, Miami is a town that is growing, spreading new wings, getting more leg room. A town where a fad, a celebrity, a natural disaster, a party gone out of hand, can make it flip its script and reinvent itself. It is a melting-pot of forces and cultures, people come here to find themselves and become something unique- something never before seen. Full of commerce, traditions, finances, history, and quaint little neighborhoods with deeply seated identities. There is no other city in the world like Miami. None a charming, as decadent, as fun, and as laden with tales and cool littler narratives. Visitors who come to Miami are swept up by its spirit, in the sense that anything can happen.

"If a theme runs through the history of Florida, it is this...something great happens, and someone comes along to mess it up."

- Eliot Kleinburg

Miami today is not only a thriving town, and a burgeoning community always on the move, but a huge metropolis that attracts all manner of tourists and tradesmen. From blue beaches, and sandy shores, to hopping night clubs, and magnificent architecture, there's just too much to fall in love with when it comes to Miami.

A place with the best food, the most avant-garde art, and a movie location on every corner. Bear witness to a city that is constantly on the march, and ready to throw a party at the drop of a hat.

Miami is a pilgrimage everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. A city that begs tourists and lures them in with its sparkle. A captivating city that's eternally the backdrop of thousands of moview and TV shows- Dexter, Iron Man 3, Scarface, Miami Vice, America Crime Story, Narcos, Bad Boys, and more. Currently, the legacy of Miami continues to be immortalized through its citizens and visitors.

Iconic and Unforgettable Miami

By now you've spent days baking in the sun, drank yourself silly on daiquiris, mojitos, and margaritas, gone to the many Miami shopping centers and dropped dead of exhaustion back home. You have no doubt flown through the Everglades at breakneck speed on an airboat, walked the streets of the Art Deco district- explored some of the city's most iconic and popular hotspots. But to really get a sense of Miami and understand what drives its spirit, it is important to hit to highlights. Here's where locals and visitors think should top your list: 

  • Wynwood Walls: Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, this collection of murals showcases the work of some of the hottest street grafitti artists.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Built in 1916 as the winter home of James Deering, feel free to wander around the estate.
  • Bayside Marketplace: One of the city's most notable shopping centers, you can explore to your heart's content. 
  • Zoo Miami: Swing by the only zoo in the United States located in a subtropical climate.

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