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Phoenix by Junket Photo
Phoenix by Junket Photo
Phoenix by Junket Photo

Things to Do in Phoenix: By JUNKET


Did you know the city of Phoenix is lower than the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Or that the male mulberry tree is banned here due to its high pollen production? Or that the city does not observe daylight savings time?

A vibrant haven framed by the majestic peaks of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix attracts visitors with its year-round sunshine, breathtaking landscapes, and an abundance of things to do and places of interest. This captivating city offers a variety of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and hidden gems that are cherished secrets known only to the locals.

The awe-inspiring mountain ranges that encircle Arizona’s capital city, the serene oasis of its lush parks and botanical gardens, and the architectural marvels of its iconic landmarks pay homage to the resilient spirit of the visionary individuals who shaped this desert metropolis.

Valley of the Sun

Unearth the hidden local gems by venturing into downtown Phoenix, where you'll find a vibrant art scene, independent galleries, and unique eateries. Roam through Roosevelt Row, an arts district filled with murals, galleries, and lively street art. 

When it comes to places to go in Phoenix, don't miss the historic Heritage Square, featuring beautifully restored Victorian-era homes. Enjoy shopping and dining at the bustling Biltmore Fashion Park or explore the stunning elegance of the historic Wrigley Mansion.

Phoenix comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene, offering everything from trendy bars to live music venues and cultural performances. Try your hand at poker, blackjack, or slot machines at a casino, or wander the vibrant streets of downtown Phoenix to discover clubs, rooftop lounges, and eclectic restaurants. 

Phoenix Phantoms

When shadows lengthen across Phoenix streets, embark on a spine-tingling journey through the haunted depths of the city with the Phoenix Ghost Tour. Uncover the chilling tales and hidden secrets that lurk in the darkness, as you explore the ghostly history that haunts its streets. Brace yourself to:


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Phoenix History Image

Phoenix History

 A Desert Oasis

The history of Phoenix is woven with tales of resilience and transformation. Before European settlers arrived, the land was inhabited by indigenous communities, including the Hohokam people, who thrived in the desert due to a series of advanced irrigation systems. The area's abundant resources attracted Spanish explorers in the 16th century, but it wasn't until centuries later that Phoenix began to take shape.

In 1867, Jack Swilling traveled across the Salt River Valley, and despite the arid conditions, Swilling recognized the fertile terrain and favorable climate for agriculture. 

The only missing ingredient was water. 

Determined, Swilling and his group of settlers ingeniously addressed the water challenge by constructing a network of canals, following the path of the ancient Hohokam irrigation channels.

The name "Phoenix" was proposed by Darrell Duppa, a member of Swilling's group of settlers, drawing inspiration from the mythical phoenix that rises anew from its own ashes. Duppa foresaw the emergence of a thriving city from the remnants of the ancient Hohokam tribe. 

“A new city will spring phoenix-like upon the ruins of a former civilization.” – Lord Bryan Philip Darrell Duppa


Tracks and Trade 

In its early days, Phoenix had a modest population of just 250 individuals. However, as the city flourished, its population swelled to approximately 2,500 residents, leading to its official incorporation as a city in 1881.

In 1887, the advent of the Southern Pacific Railway heralded a transformative era for Phoenix, forever altering the city's trajectory. 

The arrival of the railroad ushered in a new economic landscape, propelling Phoenix beyond its agricultural roots and propelling it toward becoming a vibrant hub for trade. 

The city embraced its newfound connectivity, embracing a future brimming with commercial opportunities and positioning itself as a bustling market for trade and commerce.


Teddy’s Dam

A significant milestone came in 1906 when Theodore Roosevelt initiated the construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River. This monumental structure not only provided crucial water resources for irrigation but also supplied electrical power to the burgeoning city. 

On May 18, 1911, Roosevelt himself dedicated the dam, which, at the time of its construction, held the distinction of being the largest masonry dam in the world.


The Three C’s

On February 14, 1912, Arizona achieved statehood, coinciding with the designation of Phoenix as its capital. The early 20th century witnessed remarkable advancements in technology, propelling the city's growth and quickly doubling its population.

At the heart of this thriving era was a robust economy centered around industries such as cotton, citrus, and cattle, all of which thrived thanks to the irrigation made possible by the monumental Theodore Roosevelt Dam.


Indoor Air

Following the conclusion of World War II, Phoenix experienced a profound transformation propelled by technological advancements, leading to a shift in its economic landscape from an agricultural hub to an industrial center. 

Notably, the affordability of air conditioning for individual homes revolutionized the city's livability. With scorching summer temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, the introduction of air conditioning made Phoenix a comfortable and appealing year-round destination. 

This significant development particularly impacted retirees, who were drawn to the city's newfound comfort and flocked to Phoenix in large numbers, contributing to its growing population and reputation as a retirement haven.


Central Canals

A pivotal milestone in Phoenix's history unfolded with the initiation of the Central Arizona Project aqueduct system in 1973. This monumental undertaking ensured a reliable and consistent water supply for the city. Spanning an impressive 336 miles, the aqueduct system ingeniously utilized sections of the ancient canals originally constructed by the Hohokam civilization thousands of years prior. 

From humble agricultural beginnings to bustling metropolis, Phoenix's history is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of its inhabitants. The city embraces its Western heritage while embracing modernity, evident in its stunning architectural landmarks, such as the contemporary skyline that graces the downtown area.


Phoenix Today Photo
Phoenix Today Photo
Phoenix Today Photo

Phoenix Today

With its warm hospitality, dynamic cultural scene, and a harmonious fusion of historical allure and contemporary marvels, Phoenix beckons visitors to immerse themselves in its distinctive blend of desert charm and vibrant Southwestern spirit. 

Arts and Culture

Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of the region by visiting the Heard Museum, which exhibits an extensive collection of Native American art and artifacts. Experience the world of music at the Musical Instrument Museum, where you can immerse yourself in the world's largest collection of musical instruments from around the globe.

Delve into the world of art at the Phoenix Art Museum, home to a diverse collection of artworks spanning various periods and styles. Discover contemporary art, photography, and works by renowned artists.

Get Outside

For nature enthusiasts, Phoenix boasts an array of stunning hiking trails, such as Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak, where you can embark on scenic hikes and enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding desert. 

Enjoy an outing to the enchanting Papago Park, home to iconic landmarks such as Hole-in-the-Rock and the Desert Botanical Garden, home to thousands of species of cactus, trees, and flowers spread across 55 acres.


“Let’s pack up and catch us a slow train, And go back to Phoenix to a far brighter day”

– Waylon Jennings


For more fun things to do, Phoenix offers attractions like the Phoenix Zoo, where you can encounter exotic wildlife, and the interactive Arizona Science Center, which promises engaging exhibits for all ages. 

 Savor the Moment

Phoenix's food scene is a delectable fusion of flavors, traditions, and innovation. With its diverse culinary offerings, you're sure to find something to tantalize your taste buds and create memorable dining experiences in the city. 

Indulge in the flavors of the Southwest and explore the rich culinary traditions of Mexico with authentic dishes. At Bacanora, discover Sonoran-style cuisine, known for its hearty burritos, flavorful tacos, and savory tamales.

Get to Know Phoenix

From captivating museums and historical landmarks that delve into the city's rich heritage to thrilling outdoor adventures and a vibrant culinary scene, Phoenix offers an abundance of experiences. In addition to the renowned Junket Phoenix Experience, here is a curated list of some of our favorite attractions that will leave you inspired and enthralled:

  • Goldfield Ghost Town: Step back in time to the days of gold fever in the Wild West at this 1890s mining town set at the foot of the Superstition Mountains.
  • Wrigley Mansion: Admire the splendid Spanish Colonial style architecture of this elegant 1930s mansion built by chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley Jr.
  •  Heard Museum: Immerse yourself in Native American art, history, and culture while gaining insights into the traditions and stories of indigenous peoples.
  •  Desert Botanical Garden: Discover the beauty of the local landscape and unusual desert flowers at this impressive collection of 50,000 plants housed in themed gardens.
  • Musical Instrument Museum: Embark on a musical journey around the world through exhibits and interactive displays featuring instruments from every corner of the globe.


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