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Madison Ghosts: Haunts and Terrors Ghost Tour

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Location Marker Madison, WI
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The Hauntings of Mad City


Did you know that Madison’s Majestic Theatre is rumored to be haunted? It's said that guests on the balcony have been terrified by a tall man with rubbery arms known as the Putty Man.


With its journey from a modest planned community to a revered state capital, Madison bears a legacy woven with heroes and villains, triumphs, and tragedies. The echoes of its vibrant history resonate in the present, as tales persist of lingering spirits who met untimely ends in this historic Midwest city. 

Strolling through the downtown district after dusk might leave one with an unsettling feeling, as if the ghosts of Madison's past are silently observing, patiently waiting for their unfinished stories to find closure. Stately homes and abandoned structures stand witness, whispering of restless spirits seeking solace, tragic love stories that met heartbreak, and a tapestry of chilling events that span across the years.


“I had a blast on this tour! It has just the right combination of real history and scary stories.”


What is the Madison Ghost Tour About?


Welcome to Madison Ghosts, an enthralling journey that takes you through a spine-tingling series of locations, revealing that even within the most charming streets, the echoes of the past never die. Immerse yourself in the presence of embracing lovers trapped on the site of a former hotel and encounter the ominous presence of native spirits angry over the desecration of their sacred burial sites. 

The lingering spirits from Madison's storied past continue to cast an eerie spell on the present, as vestiges of those who once walked these very streets persist in their haunting routines.


What You Will See On This Tour:


Experience spine-chilling tales of Madison’s haunted past as you embark on a walkable tour along the city's historic downtown, where you will be introduced to:

           And so much more…


Delve into the dark side of Madison’s haunting past as our skilled local guides recount chilling tales of ghostly sightings, unexplained phenomena, and ancient folklore that have transcended generations. Feel the hushed whispers of lingering spirits and the echoes of bygone events enveloping you.

Join us as we venture into the mysterious side of Mad City, where the voices of the dead still speak, unsettling the serenity of the city's historic streets.


“There must be ghosts all over the world. They must be countless as the grains of the sands, it seems to me.”

       Henrik Ibsen



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Meeting point address: 100 N Pinckney Street

Duration: 1 Hour

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Walking Tour

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