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Salem Ultimate Ghost Tour

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Location Marker Salem, MA
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Salem Ultimate Ghost Tour


The Haunting of Witch City


Did you know Room 325 is the most haunted room in the historic Hawthorne Hotel? Guests who dare to book this room have reported unexplained phenomena—flickering lights, belongings moving around the room, and even their toes being touched while in bed.


Beneath the enchanting allure of Salem's cobblestone streets and historic façades lies a realm rarely entered, where the moonlit shadows mesh with the whispers of a city steeped in the otherworldly.

Journey into the enigmatic depths of Salem, where history and the supernatural intertwine, beckoning you to unlock the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. From the ethereal echoes of accused witches who haunt their persecutor’s home to the lingering presence of lost souls at a historic hotel, Salem still bears the scars of terrible deeds performed in the name of righteousness.

Step into the shadow world of this town haunted by the weight of its regretful legacy, where the specters of Salem's notorious past still roam.


“This tour is a must for anyone visiting Salem! It made our whole trip so much cooler!”


What is the Salem Ultimate Ghost Tour About?


Welcome to the Salem Ultimate Ghost Tour, a captivating odyssey through time and the supernatural. Brace yourself for encounters with restless spirits, unearthly apparitions, and the lingering echoes of Salem's haunting past.

As darkness descends, we will guide you through the ominous alleys, ancient graveyards, and historic landmarks that bear witness to centuries of ghostly sightings and unexplained activity.

Along the charming streets, whispers of forgotten tragedies and spectral remnants envelop the atmosphere, immersing you in a world where the line between the living and the departed blurs. Prepare to confront the spirits of Salem's dark past, where tales of eerie encounters and mysterious apparitions unfold with each step you take.


What You Will See On This Tour:


Embark on a heart-pounding adventure through the murky depths of Salem's most haunted locations, encountering unsettling phenomena that will leave you shivering with excitement, including:



Drawing you under their spell with their extensive knowledge, expert local guides will weave mesmerizing tales of ghostly encounters, transporting you into an ominous world of spectral sightings, inexplicable phenomena, and chilling accounts of terror.

Join us on an unforgettable expedition through the shadowed corners of this bewitching city, plunging into the echoes of the past through macabre accounts of hauntings that will leave you spellbound.


“Men say that in this midnight hour / The disembodied have power / To wander as it liketh them / By wizard oak and fairy stream.”

William Motherwell

Additional Info

Meeting point address: All tours meet at 210 Essex St., Salem MA 01970. Your guide will be wearing a US Ghost Adventures t-shirt and carrying a lantern. Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour start time.

Duration: 1 Hour

Help Icon Parking: There are paid parking lots and meters around the meeting area
Use parkme.com for more parking locations.

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Reviews (3242):

Shannon Oksman
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 26th 2024

"Erin was our Salem Guide tonight, and she was just delightful! 👻🧙🏻‍♀️Her speaking voi ... "

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Nicole G
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 26th 2024

"Erin was great!"

>> Read Full Review

Nicte-Ha Flores Mayville
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 25th 2024

"A really fun night! Our guide Jena was hilarious and a great storyteller. This tour is a great way t ... "

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Please arrive to the designated meeting location before your tour’s start time, or they may leave without you! Your email confirmation will verify map and meeting location.

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Walking Tour

This tour is a walking tour.

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