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Sacramento Ghost Tour

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Location Marker Sacramento, CA
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Sacramento Ghost Tour


Ghosts of Old Sac


Did you know Room 436 is the most haunted room aboard the iconic Delta King Hotel? Guests who dare to rest their heads within this chamber have reported unexplained phenomena—a chilling touch upon their skin, disembodied whispers drifting in the air, and unanticipated movements of objects.


Nestled within the embrace of California's sun-drenched landscapes, Sacramento conceals a tragic history that echoes through its streets and whispers in the winds. This city, born amidst the fevered cries of the Gold Rush, witnessed a relentless struggle for survival, etching tales of heartache and despair into its very foundations. The ghosts of its history haunt its forgotten corners, remnants of the tumultuous era of floods and fires that ravaged the city and left destruction and sorrow in their wake. 

Yet, Sacramento's tragedies extend beyond natural disasters, reaching into the depths of human experience. The shadows of the Old Sacramento Underground, once bustling with illicit activities and lost dreams, bear witness to a darker side of history, where violence, greed, and treachery reigned supreme. 


"I had a truly enjoyable experience on this tour! Remembering it gave me chills for days after!"


What is the Sacramento Ghost Tour About?


As twilight falls upon the city, the chilling whispers of sorrowful tales resonate through time, reminding us of the fragility of life and the indelible scars that tragedy leaves behind on the haunting beauty of a city that carries the weight of its past.

Embark on an enthralling journey with Sacramento Ghosts, where the city's enigmatic shadows unfurl before the intrepid souls seeking a spine-chilling adventure. Prepare to delve into the depths of Sacramento's hidden enclaves, where foreboding buildings and mysterious streets stand as gateways to the unknown. 

Whispers persist of ethereal entities that dwell within the labyrinthine tunnels beneath Sacramento, their spectral presence weaving through the depths of the city's hidden underworld. Tales of tragedy have festered into unexplainable sightings and eerie sounds at one of the city’s most haunted houses. With every step, you'll feel the presence of the ghosts of Sacramento, and your senses will be heightened with anticipation of what you might encounter next.


What You Will See On This Tour:


Experience an enlightening adventure to the most haunted spots in Sacramento and be mesmerized as you are introduced to:


And so much more…

As you traverse the dimly lit pathways, a palpable sense of unease intertwines with the exhilarating anticipation that courses through your veins. With each step, you tread upon the fragile threshold that separates the present from the haunting echoes of Sacramento's tormented history. 

Step beyond the warm embrace of the California sun and prepare to be enveloped by the ominous aura of an enigmatic presence, lurking in the shadows of the past.

“Ghosts are real, this much I know. There are things that exist in the world that we cannot explain, and sometimes we glimpse them in the strangest of ways.”


Neil Gaiman



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Meeting point address: Waterfront Park, 1240 Front St. Sacramento, CA 95814 next to the Ferris Wheel

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

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blu e
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 30th 2024


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Issac Rodriguez
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 29th 2024

"Kendall was amazing as a tour guide!"

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Kristen Higgins
Verified Customer

Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star

May 25th 2024

"We enjoyed the historical tour of Old Sac, our guide was great!"

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